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first post - birth birth birth!
first post
Nothing like some good ddr and the best sushi I've had since disney land to get my period going. I thought I felt something funny-ish in the car after I dropped Justin off at books-a-million. Something ..warm? My blood has never looked this color so at first I kind of thought I had miscarriaged again, but then I realized in the shower that I must be wrong. Suprizingly, this period like the last but never before that, I'm quite happy and smiley and ready to work. Though I've noticed without my period I'm a little bitchy..or alot.. =x
So I called my psychiastrist today and scheduled an appointment for Tuesday, 15, 10:45 AM (bolded for memory purposes V_V ). Yay instead disposable menstrual cups to the rescue! Though I noticed that I was leaking within an hour and a half from insertion...but for good reason..the cup was filled! This is the period that shows it's true nature from my quitting birth control. I didn't quite expect but damn, I can't wait until my twenties when it finally starts to die down..maybe. My mom says hers was never all that bad.
More than before my back hurts, my legs hurt from ddr and itg2 but I know the back pain is from my period. I described it to my mom as though as someone had wrapped a hamhock around my vertebra. It's a tight feeling around my vertebra and a nasty cramped feeling around the organs in my back..

anyone reccomend any methods of deterring these pains? I can't take midol but I'm looking into pamprin with my midwife when I see her the 18th.

T-minus 6 days until I order my mooncups

I decided to join the following communities on this journal because my personal journal IS FLOODED with information and I'd just like to be able to read my friends stuff and look at a few less feminist things from time to time like fruits and 4sale communities.
the comms i added:
blood_art, bloodmoonherbs, girls_with_ink, menstrual_cups, vagina_art, vaginapagina, womenhealth, womens_studies, womenscenter

this journal is public, for now

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