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bad news bears! - birth birth birth!
bad news bears!
looks like the promotion for the mooncup does not apply to online sales! *whine*
details here:
Hi there,

The 3 for 2 offer is a promotion in the pharmacy chain Boots the Chemist in the UK. We are not offering this on our website sales. If you live in the UK you can find the nearest Boots store to you by checking out the UK stockists section on our website. If you enter the first part of your postcode a list will come up with your nearest stockists. Alternatively if you let me know where you live and your postcode I can check for you.

Hope this helps!

Best Wishes

Eileen Greene
Mooncup Ltd.
Dolphin House
40 Arundel Place
Brighton BN2 1GD
Direct Line:0044 (0) 1273 355021
Fax:0044 (0) 1273 628187

anyone who still wants a mooncup can still pay me :( but I can't afford to pay for fifty-seven pounds worth of mooncup online. There is always buying it for yourself, hee. But currently I'm leh college student broke and would feel awful to be out of debit/cash. :/ I'm really sorries guys.

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