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birth birth birth!
Seeing as I am currently not able to log-on to WoW because my server is due for maintence until 2 EST then I am able to finally do something other than wel..WoW.
This picture
bothers me a bit. Yeah okay it's sweet endearing-what the fuck ever. It shows female blood elves depending on a male bloodelf who is currently over encumbered with shit in his hands :/ He is doing attack damage but she just graps him like "oh deer lawhdie! puhhhleaaazeeee he'p me!"

Granted, there is no despairing face - she looks like a bitch. Justin is trying to get me to look at it from the Bloodelf culture..which is a little difficult to realize though I did read their background story which shows eludes little to being a male dependent culture...but just the same I see it as a picture where the he is protecting the she. I feel that there is no need for this :/ she has her own goddamn spells! USE 'EM BITCH!

Anyway, that was rather ranty but the picture bothered me so damn much.

Another thing that bothers me is how male players behave toward female players. They are indignant of their abilities and fail to see eye to eye or as equals. Proclaiming that you are a female gamer can cause other players to become hostile towards you. Hostile in the sense of sexual perversion and harassment or hostile in the sense of "IMAH BEET YO ASS GIRLIE" sort of hostility. Omfg...don't get upset, I'm a girl and I can play video games..that doesn't make me better than you and I'm not striving honestly, I'm just different from the other chicks that paint their toe nails bright pink and where their Zeta Tau Alpha tees to class on the day their halter tops and tube tops are in the wash.

Another thing that bothers me is the Nightelf stripper dance :/ I can't quite explain why except for it seems demeaning. Maybe I'm just not fond of strip clubs. Or strippers :x
But I think undead should be doing moves from "Thriller" when they dance...although the male's heavy metal mosh is humoring. The troll's every damn word and movement is hilarious...there is something they say that i don't quite like but i can't remember it for the life of me..such late night WoW adventures.

In other news, my mooncup came about a week ago..I haven't used it yet..though I should probably learn how to insert and extract...extraction seems the trickiest. I haven't even boiled it for sanitation yet.

HEY YOU LOOKING AT ME...STOP..YES I TYPE LIKE MACHINE GUN RAPID FIRE AND YOU CAN GO TO HELL IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT ...buy a computer and get out of the library you flying ratbastard! okay so this guy wasn't really a pigeon but just the same >;E

I'm quite tired...I thinkk

"I SLEEP NOW!" - the lost skeleton from The Lost Skeleton of Cadavre

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looks like the promotion for the mooncup does not apply to online sales! *whine*
details here:
Hi there,

The 3 for 2 offer is a promotion in the pharmacy chain Boots the Chemist in the UK. We are not offering this on our website sales. If you live in the UK you can find the nearest Boots store to you by checking out the UK stockists section on our website. If you enter the first part of your postcode a list will come up with your nearest stockists. Alternatively if you let me know where you live and your postcode I can check for you.

Hope this helps!

Best Wishes

Eileen Greene
Mooncup Ltd.
Dolphin House
40 Arundel Place
Brighton BN2 1GD
Direct Line:0044 (0) 1273 355021
Fax:0044 (0) 1273 628187

anyone who still wants a mooncup can still pay me :( but I can't afford to pay for fifty-seven pounds worth of mooncup online. There is always buying it for yourself, hee. But currently I'm leh college student broke and would feel awful to be out of debit/cash. :/ I'm really sorries guys.

x-posted with editing


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well, I just found out that you can insert two instead menstrual cups at once. go me :(

damn that was not pleasant

period cramps are starting to affect mky belly now instead of just my back and organs that are closer to my back. I should honestly be recording this all on paper because of my midwife visit next friday.

alien: ressurection has alot of std vaginas in it.

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Nothing like some good ddr and the best sushi I've had since disney land to get my period going. I thought I felt something funny-ish in the car after I dropped Justin off at books-a-million. Something ..warm? My blood has never looked this color so at first I kind of thought I had miscarriaged again, but then I realized in the shower that I must be wrong. Suprizingly, this period like the last but never before that, I'm quite happy and smiley and ready to work. Though I've noticed without my period I'm a little bitchy..or alot.. =x
So I called my psychiastrist today and scheduled an appointment for Tuesday, 15, 10:45 AM (bolded for memory purposes V_V ). Yay instead disposable menstrual cups to the rescue! Though I noticed that I was leaking within an hour and a half from insertion...but for good reason..the cup was filled! This is the period that shows it's true nature from my quitting birth control. I didn't quite expect but damn, I can't wait until my twenties when it finally starts to die down..maybe. My mom says hers was never all that bad.
More than before my back hurts, my legs hurt from ddr and itg2 but I know the back pain is from my period. I described it to my mom as though as someone had wrapped a hamhock around my vertebra. It's a tight feeling around my vertebra and a nasty cramped feeling around the organs in my back..

anyone reccomend any methods of deterring these pains? I can't take midol but I'm looking into pamprin with my midwife when I see her the 18th.

T-minus 6 days until I order my mooncups

I decided to join the following communities on this journal because my personal journal IS FLOODED with information and I'd just like to be able to read my friends stuff and look at a few less feminist things from time to time like fruits and 4sale communities.
the comms i added:
blood_art, bloodmoonherbs, girls_with_ink, menstrual_cups, vagina_art, vaginapagina, womenhealth, womens_studies, womenscenter

this journal is public, for now

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